Julien Pavillard has been part of the light and image world since the age of ten, thanks to his parents, who invented and developed the “Pigi,” a giant image projector.

After completing studies in sociology, he decided to pursue a career in art rather than public research. He first worked as an assistant artistic director for the Aix-en-Provence International Lyric Art Festival before joining what was then the family company – ETC Audiovisuel – where he handled international development, which enabled him to meet light professionals from Europe, Asia and the United States. When the company was sold, he was approached to ensure the transition. At the same time, he decided to improve his management knowledge by continuing his studies in an MBA program. After obtaining his degree, he was offered two proposals: one in Russia and the other in Brazil. He chose to move to Rio de Janeiro to work for an event-driven cultural agency.

After returning to France in 2005, he was hired as the project manager for Lyon’s Fête des Lumières, with the mission of redeveloping the festival.

In February 2009, he left the Fête des Lumières to create a consulting agency, CONGO BLEU, which is specialized in the conception, management, and production of short- and long-term lighting projects.

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