With Sachiko Nakinishi and Akira Miyake from the Japanese production company Parco, we designed and produced an unprecedented event in France: the arrival of traditional Japanese tanks from Fukuno. The intention was twofold.

On the one hand, create a mobile show on a Festival of Lights Lyonnaise that only show fixed shows downtown, where it’s the most crowded. For the first time, instead of asking the public to move to see the works, it was the work that became itinerant.

On the other hand, the City of Lyon wished to pay homage to the Japanese people who had just suffered a very violent tsumani. By inviting some 60 inhabitants of Nanto, helped by 225 Lyon volunteers, to roam the streets of Lyon, this project was at the same time a demonstration of friendship between peoples and a spectacular light project for the Lyon Fête des Lumières.

This project has been realized thanks to our financial partners (Toshiba, Embassy of Japan, Sasakawa Foundation), the involvement of the City of Nanto and the City of Lyon (in particular Annie Mesplède but many Departments also) and from the entire project team: Sachiko Nakinishi, Julien Pavillard, Akira Miyake, Stéphane Guillet, Dominique Hurtebize, Marion Baraize, Yamina Ait-Yahia, Mathieu Laville and Marie Charvet.

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